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The Modular System

TRACOE speaking valves and heat/moisture exchanger can be attached to different support systems with 15 mm connectors or 22 mm housings,depending on requirements and indications. This modular system for tracheostomy tubes, stoma buttons, short tubes and adhesive carriers permits flexible solutions to suit individual patients.

Speaking Valves

TRACOE phon assist I is used by tracheostomised patients and offers, due to the infinitely adaptable airway resistance, new therapeutic options. The TRACOE phon assist II speaking valve makes it possible for laryngectomised patients with a voice prosthesis and tracheostomised patients to speak hands-free. Both versions are individually adjustable.

Heat / Moisture Exchangers

TRACOE humid assist I to IV as well as TRACOE humid assist mini are heat/moisture exchangers (HMEs) that act like an artificial nose by warming,moistening and filtering inhaled air.

Tracoe modular Tracoe modular Tracoe modular