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Lightweight, Soft and Flexible

TRACOE comfort tracheostomy tubes are made of clear medical-grade polymer material, which makes them both especially soft and very lightweight. They do not have to be removed for X-ray or cobalt therapy. A TRACOE comfort tube weighs only about one-third of a silver tube of the same size. Because they are transparent, it is also very easy to ensure that they are perfectly clean.

As Comfortable as Possible

As the name suggests, TRACOE comfort tubes are designed to be as comfortable as possible for permanent wearers after tracheostomy or laryngectomy. Their discreet appearance is an added benefit. To ensure optimum quality, they are still made by hand – an extra effort that does a world of good to the patient.

Many Models and Sizes

Every tube model comes in many different sizes and lengths. This variety makes it possible, to, e.g., avoid bruises at the tracheostoma and/or in the trachea, which would result in further impediments for the patient.

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Tracoe comfort

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Tracoe comfort

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