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Rythmic™ Evolution Yellow

By : Micrel


Rythmic™ Evolution Yellow is an ambulatory pump for Pain Management aiming to reduce the risk of medication errors in Epidural and Intrathecal routes.
Key features of the Rythmic™ Evolution Yellow portable pump:
  • Clear colour identification of infusion route from the pump to the patient via yellow colour coded infusion set
  • A higher pressure limit range
  • A range of dedicated transport bags for external container infusion
  • Custom menu with or without Bolus / Dose Limit Loading dose to fit therapy protocols and avoid set up errors
  • Easy review of patient history thanks to easy-to-read history menu on the pump and display of graphs
  • Simplified set up menu for 3-step start procedure: Enter Rate, Volume to Infuse and Start infusion.
  • Allows for "Preventive Maintenance" notices.
  • Ability to print history and events on a portable printer or download on a PC
  • Connectivity to our proprietary mobile GPRS device IP-Connect™ that allows for the best infusion monitoring service available today through our web based MicrelCare Service system

Rythmic™ Evolution limits "unnecessary alarm" activity
The pump has been designed to reduce most of unnecessary potential alarms whilst preserving full safety: 
  • No air alarm thanks to the air in line eliminator incorporated in all sets
  • Automatic restart after occlusion release
  • Long battery autonomy (7 days at 2ml/h) to decrease the frequency of battery alarms and related changes

Rythmic™ Evolution offers "All in One" innovative, high safety, infusion sets
  • Yellow striped tubing for colour identification of Epidural or Intrathecal infusion routes
  • All sets include all pre-assembled components thus avoiding additional unsafe connections
  • Soft drug bag convenient to fill and prime manually or via the pump
  • Built-in anti free flow / back check valve, air eliminator and extension line on all sets
 For more information, please visit our Epidural infusion sets page.

Rythmic™ Evolution range offers real mobility to patients
  • Small, ergonomic and compact for true and comfortable ambulatory therapies


Delivery Modes 

> Continuous,
> Bolus only,
> Continuous + Bolus
> Programmed Automatic Bolus ( PAB ) with combined PCA

Accuracy  ± 5%
Flow rate 0.1 to 100ml/h
Programming units Concentration ml/mg/μg , 0.1 to 99.9 mg/ml, 0.1 to 999.9 μg/ml
Volume to infuse   1 to 9999ml
Bolus Dose Yes
Lockout interval 0 to 999 minutes
Dose Limit (volume)  per  time period  Yes
Bolus limit (no of bolus) per time period Yes
Loading dose Yes
Clinician bolus Yes
Automatic restart after occlusion release Yes
KVO 0.1 to 2.0ml/h
AC input 11VDC 500mA
Lock level


Historic 6500 time stamped events
Historic graph Both bolus and Volume / Time
Connectivity Portable printer, PC, Internet modem
Alarms Occlusion, near end and end of infusion, low and depleted battery, open mechanism, preventive maintenance warning, dose limit, bolus limit
Safety features Air in line eliminator, free flow protection according to IEC 601-2-24
Battery autonomy 7 days at 2ml/h with 9V alkaline
Weight with battery  

335g for Rythmic™ Evolution

840g for Rythmic™ Organiser 500 series


130mmx133mmx46mm for 200ml reservoir

157mmx299mmx82mm for Rythmic™ Organiser 500 series

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