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Reusable Laryngeal Airway Device (550 Reusable LAD)®

By : Marshall


The first and only 50 use LAD® Made from clinically proven superior grade silicone, the 550 can be used up to 10 times more than any other LAD®, making it cost effective and easy to use. Available in both standard and flexible versions, each device is individually numbered for identification and traceability and comes in a range of clearly marked sizes.

Key Features

5 year shelf life or 50 uses
Fully autoclavable at 134°C
Matching pilot balloon and cuff identify the LAD® as reusable
Cuff inflation volume and patient weight marked on tube
Latex Free
Available in sizes 1-5
Available from NHS supply chain

Flexible Range

The Marshall flexible LAD® has a wire-reinforced flexible airway tube which enables it to be used in situations where a standard LAD® is not suitable, such as procedures where the surgeon and anaesthetist are competing for access to the head and neck.

Flexible LAD® (additional features)

Reinforced flexible tube prevents occlusion of the airway tube
Airway tube may be positioned as required
Flexible LAD® is suitable for use in head and neck procedures